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Welcome to the Manager's Index section of the Twin Creeks web site.

Check out the Manager's Handbook, list of ASA-outlawed bats, and more.

Feel free to stop by the Sports Office (after 4:30 weeknights) and introduce yourself to the Sports Director and Umpire-In-Chief at Twin Creeks.

*** No persons under the age of 21 are allowed upstairs in the Clubhouse in Pitchers Sports Bar AT ANY TIME, except for private catered parties. ***
Manager's Handbook Roster Form

Season Schedule
Managers and players can view their entire schedule for the season. Schedule is subject to changes, so managers are responsible for checking for the most current information and passing the information on to their entire team.

Banned Bats:
New Rules Tables
Impact Player Policy

The following table illustrates how many Impact Players may be added to maintain a team's correct level of league play. Twin Creeks reserves the right to move any team or player up in league level based on fair competition or violation of the Impact Player Policy. Twin Creeks also reserves the right to determine what classification a player is based on the respective player's ability.

Level Of League Play Major A B Super C D E
Men's C 1 3 3 U U U
Men's D 0 0 0 2 U U
Men's E 0 0 0 0 3 U
Corporate Coed 0 0 0 0 3 Men
3 Women
Coed D 0 0 0 2 Men
2 Women
Coed Novice 0 0 0 0 3 Men
3 Women

Home Runs
Home run limits are used to aid in the classification of teams. Home runs beyond the limit will result in outs. These limits apply to untouched, over-the-fence home runs. The home run limits are:
Men's C
2 Home Runs / Equalizer
Men's D
2 Home Runs / Game
Men's Novice
1 Home Run / Game
Coed D
2 Home Runs / Game, plus extra Home Run - Female
Corporate Coed
1 Home Run / Game
Novice Coed
1 Home Run / Game
Teams that hit the home run(s) must recover or replace balls or they will lose any extra home runs.
PLEASE NOTE: * In Men's "Novice", Coed "Novice" and "Corporate" Coed, there will be 1 over-the-fence home run, then the progressive rule comes in. It will be an out and the opposing team will receive one run for the amount of home runs hit by any player. (First home run = 1 out + 1 run, Second home run = 1 out + 2 runs, third home run = 1 out + 3 runs, Fourth or more = 1 out + 3 runs).
Progressive runs are awarded to opposing team immediately after the Home Run is hit.



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